Each community member (including contestants) can vote up to 10 times per day!

Voting Process

Each contestant will have one opportunity to audition during the three (3) month audition process. This time interval will allow artists who don’t have enough votes to establish a larger voting fan base from their first audition.

Fans who vote are eligible to win in the voting cash prize giveaway.

The top 320 finalists with the highest number of votes will advance to the first three episodes set up to determine the top ten contestants. Fans, the artists will need your voting support to be one of the top 320 semi-finalists. To create a competitive voting environment, the company is offering voters who reach the 100-vote level the opportunity to win cash and prizes by issuing them a ticket for a random drawing. The more tickets one has, the better chance he or she has of winning cash or a prize.

Fans, each audition will be available to vote on from the date of the audition through the remainder of the recruitment phase. After the recruitment voting period ends the voting option will disappear, but the audition will still be available to view. If there are two (2) songwriting auditions for one (1) artist, then both will be available for viewing, but only the most recent one will be available to vote on for the remainder of the recruitment phase after the second audition date.

  • If there are two (2) auditions for one (1) artist, then both will be available for viewing but only the most recent one will be available to vote on for two (2) weeks after the second audition date.
  • This is to give the artist’s first audition a fair opportunity to acquire as many votes a possible as well as give the artist the time to acquire a fan base before her second attempt.
  • The option for a second audition will not be available to artists who audition in the last two (2) weeks of the auditioning process due to time restraints. The voting process must be completed two (2) weeks after the auditioning process ends so that the company can tally all of the votes and begin the immigration vetting process for your favorite overseas contestants.
  • The artist’s second audition must be a different song from the selected list of songs available than the one she used in the first audition. This will give you, the fan, the chance to better judge her singing capabilities. You can push the comparison button to compare her against five (5) similar auditions.
  • If the artist does a second audition to increase her voter fan base each audition will be voted on its own merit. The votes from both of the artist’s auditions will not be combined. Each audition will have an equal chance, based on the fan total votes. The artist’s audition with the most votes will be designated as her final audition and the one with less votes shall be designated previous submission.

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