Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where are the Superstar Kiosks located?

There are two Superstar Kiosks which will be in a different city every week for 4 weeks. Check the Kiosk locator for present location.

2. Do I have to audition at the Superstar Kiosk?

No. You can submit your audition online using our TNFS Registration app

3. Do you have to be a US citizen to audition?

No. We are the first WORLDWIDE singing competition so that every woman around the world has a chance to be “The Next Female Superstar®”.

4. Can I audition if I am under 18?

No. You must be at least 18 years of age when you audition. Proof of age must be available for the producers when you audition and when/if you are notified that you are one of the 320 audition winners.

5. Will there be more cities announced later?

No. We are limited to the 36 cities that we have already committed to for the 12 Superstar Kiosks. There may be more next season.

6. Can I audition in more than one city?

No. Artists are limited to one (1) Kiosk audition and one (1) online submission.

7. What time do I arrive for my audition at the Kiosk?

The Superstar Kiosks will be available for ten (10) hours a day to audition. It will be a “first come, first serve basis” at the Kiosk locations. It would be in your best interests to arrive early and plan on being there for a long time. You can help by pre-registering online before you get there.

8. Is there a list of songs for the audition?

Yes, there is a list of ten cover songs for you to choose from for your audition.

9. Can I bring a musical instrument like a guitar?

Yes, as long as it will fit in the kiosk with you comfortably. Your whole audition time will be 3 minutes for a 2 minute 30 second song so don’t bring anything that takes time to set up.

10. Who will decide who the top 320 will be?

The world will decide, and we will invite the top 320 highest vote getters from the Kiosk locations and highest voted auditions from the online audition process to Las Vegas, Nevada for the “Superstar Showdown”.

11. When will my online submission be available for viewing?

Your online submission will first have to be screened for content. Once it passes our screening process, it will be available for viewing online via your artist page.

12. How many times can I vote?

When you register to become a member, you will receive 100 votes and then another 100 votes each week.

13. How many times can I vote on my favorite audition?

You can only vote once per audition. If the artist has multiple auditions, you may vote once on each of them.

14. What do I bring with me to the audition?

You will need to bring your ID (see approved forms of ID) to prove that you are at least 18 years of age to the promotional girls at the Kiosk. The ID must match the information on your profile page once you log-in for your audition.

15. What if I do not want my information to be public?

Only the information that you want to be viewed publicly will be. When you become an Artist/member you will be asked to provide information that we may need in the future. Most of this will not be seen by the general public, only the information you choose to be publicly seen. But the promotional girls at the Kiosks will have access to your personal information once you log-in to confirm your identity.

16. What if I fail at the physical fitness part of the show, will I be sent home?

No. The physical fitness side of the show is to help you be more confident up on stage as well as help your stamina. The fitness
team will be there to improve you, not change you, that’s another show. That is why we will also have a therapist there, to help you cope with all of the new stress and pressure associated with becoming a Superstar.

17. Do I have to be at least 18 years old to become a member?

No, there are no age requirements to become a member or a song writer. You must be 18 years of age to audition for the show.

18. When will I find out if I will be invited to the Showdown?

You will be notified via email or phone once the audition process is over. You can keep track of the leader board on The Next Female Superstar homepage, if you are in the top ten for your city then get your bags packed and wait to hear from us.