About Us

The Next Female Superstar® is a new online talent-driven all-female reality singing competition web series. Contestants can utilize TNFS Audition Kiosk™ and TNFS OS Registration Apps to register, stream and upload their competition content, consisting of either a singing audition video file or original song file to TNFS Live Audition Social Media Broadcast Voting Platform. “Undiscovered Female Singers” or “Original Songwriters” have two weeks to get friends, family members and/or followers to register and vote for their content to qualify for the full 90-day voting process or their audition content is deleted.

If the Undiscovered Female Singers achieve their initial 100 qualifying votes, they will then get to campaign for the remainder of the recruitment phase to have an opportunity to qualify for the best voted 320 “Undiscovered Female Singerstop best-voted category. The top 320 best-voted Undiscovered Female Singers will get invited to TNFS Showdown in Las Vegas, Nevada, where a panel of music industry professionals, led by a famous female music icon, will vote over a two-week performance period for the best ten Undiscovered Female Singers, who will compete for the title of The Next Female Superstar® for 2018.

Original Songwriters here’s your chance to stand out and finally show the world that your original songs deserve to be in the top 100 Billboard Charts. The top winning song will be performed by the winner of The Next Female Superstar contest in 2018.

Did you write a song that you believe can connect with lots of people, and your song has both great melody and lyrics the listeners can relate to and want to sing along to? Of course, this isn’t true of all genres of music because for the purposes of The Next Female Superstar® 2018 contest, we are referring mainly to pop music which is the domain of the hit single! Pop music worldwide is the king of all popular music charts in 2017, and we believe this popularity will continue for years to come.

Is this the genre that you want to achieve greatness in when it comes to writing a hit song? If the answer is “yes,” then download TNFS registration application from the app store, and upload two of your very best original songs.  Throughout his career our music director, Charlie Midnight, has been involved in the writing, conceptualization and production of albums that have sold more than 50 million copies. His work has been heard on numerous Grammy award winning and Grammy-nominated recordings. He will tell you that the early Motown records are a good example of where the writers provided a catchy “surface” meaning that sounded like great pop music, but underneath the music there was often another motivating factor – sometimes with social or political overtones. For you, the Original Songwriter who is entering The Next Female Superstar® all-female singing competition, this is your opportunity to create the next BIG pop hit that everyone will want to be singing. Additionally, the Undiscovered Female Singer who wins the title The Next Female Superstar® will be singing your pop hit for 2018!

Which "Original Songwriter" will be crowned THE NEXT FEMALE SUPERSTAR® "Original Songwriter" Winner?

Register, upload your audition and get your friends, family members, and fans to register and vote for your original songs to advance you to the winner’s spot. Two winners to be discovered on one show to find THE NEXT FEMALE SUPERSTAR®.